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Инди КотEverybody like cats?

The popularity of the genre ' s three-in-row games is difficult to overemphasize. They are made from large companies, to single developers and projects, both global and beautiful and simple, but whatever the quality game is always the people of interest. Today's game has gone to the Android from the social media in Connecta, and it must have been quite exciting. The developers have rightly thought that if two popular ideas are connected, they're not going to get worse, so they've connected the beloved gimples and the cute cat, because there's no more popular and beloved creature in the interior.

No originality, but with the donat.

There's no innovation in the game, not even significant, we've seen dozens of such projects, varying degrees of success, but the game is clearly designed to attract an audience from the social media where it originates, so it's popular. There's more than 100 levels waiting for you, each of which will give you assignments, the assignments will be different, but again non-original. For a certain amount of progress, the number of points indicated, the clearing of blocked cells, the holding of a variety of talismanes and so on will be necessary. Game mechanics don't change for years, you need to move the next thing you've got here in the form of precious stones, so they can form a 3-in-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a. If you can get a chain longer, you'll get a bonus.Инди Кот Bonus is also common, different bombs, explosions of neighbouring stones or whole horizontal or vertical rows will also be colour bombs that remove all single-coloured stones from the playing field. It is possible to buy various useful bonuses, but it will have to be a donation currency. It's a bad thing with the donatus, if you haven't been able to get some level from the first attempt, you're gonna be ready to say goodbye to one of your lives, five lives, and they're recovering very slowly, which brings us back to the bottom again.


I couldn't surprise the game, either, but I can't say anything wrong. There are projects that are more beautiful, from steroids, for example, but it looks very dignified. The cams are really beautiful, there's a little animation, sound escorts are very pleasant and their desires don't come off.

Инди Кот Инди Кот

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