Породы длинношерстных кошек с фото

Long-Steep Cat Species

Fascinating long-storm cats with ease find the way to any human heart. They are considered to be more calm and lax than their short-short kinship, with children well-equipped and quickly tied to all family members. Their luxury urchance is the same as the owner, so if you're going to buy a long-started cat, you'd better get used to a warm pussy comedian on your knees.

History of long cats

When in the 16th century long-storey cats hit Europe, they became a real sensation. They were first met by Italians, thanks to the famous traveller and aristocrat Pietro Della, who brought from Persia and gave the Pope a few unique pouchy cats.

The French, as the eternal rivals of Italians in all matters relating to beauty and limb, were immediately interested in wild peaches. In a few years now, the furious beautifuls have appeared in France, where they quickly succeeded in conquering the hearts of the aristocrats. I'd say they've been taken under the patronage of Cardinal Richelier himself! Keeping a long east cat at home was not only fashionable, but prestigious. And since then, they've been gentle in the world with their warm feet.

Special features of long-seater care

If you like long-storey. Cat speciesknow that their nice little prick needs special care. For example, Persian and Birman long-seater cats recommend brushing every day, using several types of burial and special care. Some other species, such as the Balinese cat, need to be scratched 2-3 times a week.

Without good care, the wool of your furious beloved will be quickly confused, and the stomachs and thighs will be undone. So, teach a kitten to brush out the first days of your home.

This procedure will require you to:

  • Long and rare teeth;
  • Race with medium teeth;
  • brush with natural cheek;
  • Short and frequent teeth;
  • Steel and air conditioner for wool;
  • Spring for the disbandment of colts;
  • Removal after line.
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